The Handbook of China’s Financial System

A comprehensive, in-depth, and authoritative guide to China’s financial system

The Handbook of China’s Financial System serves as a standard reference covering a broad range of financial markets and a thorough introduction to the institutional set up in China. It is designed to be easily consulted and to strike a balance between abstract principles, empirical analysis, and practitioner and policy-related insights. The Understanding of Chinese Financial Markets requires knowledge of markets as well as institutions. The Handbook of Chinese Financial Markets combines a thorough description of the mechanics of key instruments and its markets with an in-depth account of institutions. As Chinese markets undergo fast changes, the message of each chapter is summarised in charts and tables and allow the reader to familiarize with Chinese data.

For those seeking substantial, authoritative descriptions and summaries, this volume will replace books, journals, and other information sources as a single, easy-to-use reference for investors, analysts, and policy makers. Substantial articles by top scholars and high-level policy officials and a focus on data sets this volume apart from other information sources. The volume also makes a valuable supplement for courses on financial systems of China and the World.

Price: £70.00 | $85.00
Pages: 504
ISBN: 9780691205731
Publication date: November 2020


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