Darrell Duffie


Marlene Amstad, Guofeng Sun, and Wei Xiong

Part I: Banking and Monetary Policy

1. Banking Institutions and Regulations

    Guofeng Sun

2. Monetary Policy Framework and Transmission Mechanism

    Yiping Huang, Tingting Ge and Chu Wang

3. Monetary Policy Instruments

    Tao Wang 

4. China’s Interest Rate Liberalization   

    Jun Ma and Xiaobei He 

Part 2: Bond and Money Markets

5. Chinese Bond Markets and Interbank Market

      Marlene Amstad and Zhiguo He 

Part 3: Financial System and the Real Economy

6. Macroeconomic Effects of China’s Financial Policies

      Kaiji Chen, and Tao Zha 

7. China’s Real Estate Market 

      Chang Lio and Wei Xiong

8. Infrastructure Financing 

     Zhiwei Zhang and Yi Xiong 

Part 4: Ongoing Reforms

9. RMB Internationalization: Past, Present and Prospect 

      Kai Guo, Ningxin Jiang, Fan Qi, and Yue Zhao

10. China’s Capital Account Liberalization 

      Yanliang Miao and Tuo Deng 

Part 5: Stock Market

11. The Development of the Chinese Stock Market

      Franklin Allen (Imperial College), Jun “QJ” Qian (Fudan University), 
Chenyu Shan (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) and Julie L. Zhu (Fudan University)

12. Corporate Governance in China 

      Cong Wang 

13. The Accounting System in China

      Tianyu Zhang 

Part 6: Asset Management 

14. Investments Funds in China

      Wenxi Jiang 

15. China’s Venture Capital Market

      Zhaojun Huang  and Xuan Tian (Tsinghua University)

Part 7: Pension System

16. The Chinese Pension System

      Hanming Fang (University of Pennsylvania & ShanghaiTech University) and Jin Feng (Fudan University)

Part 8: New Developments

17. Fintech Development 

      Bohui Zhang (CUHK Shenzhen)

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